The Basics

Technical Support

Give me an overview of AmazonPepr. What does it do?

AmazonPepr was originally built for brick-and-mortar shops, allowing them to control the prices they offer on textbook buyback purchases. That meant it had to be reliable, spartan, and fast, while still offering our clients the flexibility to control their business however they see fit.

Since then, AmazonPepr has expanded. We now offer an API (an Application Programming Interface), so your online buyback company can have the same great tools. We also have a better, fully customizable set of pricing rules, easy-to-use adoptions, inventory controls, batches, wholesaler guide uploads... in fact, if you want to see our features, you should just head over to our demo page.

What Wholesaler Guides does AmazonPepr support?

AmazonPepr currently supports Budget, Follett, Follett Purchase Guide, Follett Rental, Ingram Guide, MBS, MBS Rental, Nebraska, Nebraska Rental, SEB, TCTC, TCTC Rental, and Texas Book.

However, if you have a wholesaler guide we don't currently have in our system, don't hesitate to let us know, and we'll work with you to support your particular needs.

Technical Support

I found a bug!

Let us know!!!

If anything doesn't look right or seem to calculate correctly, send us a note and we'll get in contact with you right away. You can be a great help if you could send us a screenshot of your issue and describe what you were doing at the time the bug happened.

What sort of technical support does AmazonPepr's staff offer?

AmazonPepr has a great team of programmers behind it. If you have any technical difficulties using our service, send us a message and we'll get back to you right away!

If you wanted to use AmazonPepr's features in your online store, but don't have the technical skills to install it, an easy way to make that happen is start a discussion with the team at Berding Consulting, AmazonPepr's developers. They'll help you work out an affordable solution tailored to your needs.